The 1075 was developed for the boater who wants a tame, docile motor around the docks and an uncaged beast in open water. It gives you the best of both worlds. At 600 ci., it has more than enough power, but with its mild hydraulic roller camshaft, you donít sacrifice longevity like most expect in bigger horsepower motors. As compared to the OEM motors, the 1075 EFI has more power, a maintenance free valvetrain and a longer warranty. By using a polished 2.3 liter Quadrotor Whipple supercharger, the 1075 makes its power at a low 5500 rpmís and makes well over 1000 ft. lbs. of torque. Available in any custom color of choice and loaded with tons of billet accessories, the 1075 EFI may be serviced by any qualified Mercruiser mechanic. The 1075 EFI comes standard with a 6 month warranty, but longer warranties are available.

    Merlin III block with Billet main caps
    Lunati Blower series crankshaft
    Oliver Billet connecting rods
    JE forged blower pistons
    Total Seal Gapless piston rings
    Custom 12 quart offshore oil pan
    Custom hydraulic roller camshaft
    Manley pushrods
    Dart Pro 1 CNC cylinder heads
    Manley Severe Duty intake valves
    Manley Inconel exhaust valves
    Jesel shaft mounted rockers
    Jesel belt drive
    Custom fuel plumbing and pump
    S.S. fuel and oil lines
    Billet thermostatically controlled oil filter
    Polished serpentine accessory drive system
    MEFI 4 computer with custom program and wiring harness
    MSD distributor, ignition box and coil
    Custom electronics mounting plate
    Sending units and complete alarm system
    CMI big tube or sportmaster headers
    Dyno tested and tuned
    Also available in carbureted version - call for details: 615-216-7449